Running with Airpods

Running on Air

Running again. Second time this year. Nice to get out of the gym once and a while. This morning’s run started at 06:00 a.m. and lasted about an hour. I’m keeping track of pace, but more importantly, length and time. Tenacity is key to me. If I can run non-stop for an hour, I’m satisfied. That’s where my competitive goal is right now.

Today, I listened to round table commentary about Apple’s recent announcement of their commitment to professonal creatives and how they divulged tidbits about forthcoming Mac Pro and iMac (Pro) workstations. The show is called, Macbreak Weekly. Super nerdy stuff, folks.

I rarely listen to music when I work out at the gym or go for a run. There’s a tremendous pile of stuff on my plate right now, so I desperately need an injection of more or less intellectually stimulating distractions to keep my mind from imploding.

I’ve been exercising with Airpods, Apple’s new wireless earbuds for a few months now. Not having to deal with the knots, tangles and inescapable short circuit of either left, right or both buds, is liberating to say the least. And though I might look like a dork with two Oral-B toothbrush heads in my ears, I’m now at the stage where I can’t imagine life without wireless.

I took my Nike T-Lite XI Cross Trainers out for a spin today. After probably 25 years of wearing swoosh branded shoes, I can assert that they are among the lightest I’ve ever worn. Suspiciously light, even. And suspension isn’t bad, either. During most of my run it was raining and my only gripe with the new shoes is they provide literally no traction on wet pavement. On two occasions, I almost slipped into what would certainly have been a bad fall. Are there good falls, then? My last fall was in Zermatt, just below the Matterhorn. And that ended well. So, I suppose there are good falls. And great springs. Like this one is turning out to be…


Hej! Mitt namn är Joakim Lloyd Raboff och jag jobbar som fotograf i Malmö där jag hjälper små som stora företag att visualisera sina produkter och tjänster med både rörliga bilder och fotografier.

Jag driver också ett litet fotogalleri i Turning Torso Gallery – bredvid Turning Torso och mittemot Green Matmarknad där du kan köpa tryckta bilder och böcker ur serien om Västra Hamnen – ett område jag dokumenterat utvecklingen av sedan 2005. Välkommen!


Det går också att beställa digitala eller tryckta bilder från Västra Hamnen här:


Välkommen till Västra Hamnens enda professionella fotostudio utrustad för både produkt- och porträttfotografering. Studion har omklädningsrum, sminkspegel och flera bakgrundsalternativ.

För 2500:- får du upp till 15 högupplösta digitala stillbilder och 5 printade bilder i A5-format.

Boka tid för studiofotografering genom att mejla mig på eller slå en signal: 0709-404919

Joakim Lloyd Raboff, fotograf
Galleri Västra Hamnen Fotostudio
Västra Varvsgatan 42 i Malmö.